Hello, My name is Melissa Stambaugh,

 i have been modeling for about 3 years doing on and off photo shoots and auditions,

 i have been accepted into beauty schools for modeling such as Barizon, and have been referred by school of talent such as JohnrobertPowers,

they tend too think that i have a lot of potential and if i get out there i can go very far,

 so that is what i am doing here i am looking to meet knew Agencies and Photographers,

 i am looking too do paid work right now, so that i can get started on going too auditions in city's such as San Francisco and L.A this is all so important too me and would appreciate the help.

i have been told i am a very natural model in front of a camera, posing comes natural as well , i do not do nude its not my

My Stye is very classy, modern, nicely put together, vibrant colors ( pinks, baby blues, reds, blacks, shades of greens, light purples,) ECT-

so i would hope too hear from anybody soon, please contact me,

Email- melissastambaugh@hotmail.com

Melissa Stambaugh 

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